Frequently Asked Questions

General Delivery Information
Do you deliver as specific times?
No, sorry, we are unable to. Mostly this is due to factors outside of our control like flower suppliers, weather, the time of year, holiday periods, and traffic. We will however aim at getting the flowers to your friend or loved ones as soon as we possibly can the day of the delivery.
So you don’t deliver for specific times - what if flowers are for a funeral?
Good question, if we get an order a funeral we get it there for the ceremony.
Do you send flowers on Sunday’s?
Other than Mother’s Day, or if Valentine’s Day fall on a Sunday, we don’t deliver and are not open in Sunday’s.
I want a delivery today, can you do that?
Absolutely, we delivery same day flowers to Hobart from Monday - Saturday. The only proviso is that you order before 2pm the day of the delivery.
Are you able to deliver to apartment buildings?
We are, and do, however when our courier gets there, rings the doorbell, and if either nobody answers, or the recipient cannot be contacted, we will return the flowers to the shop. You will need to pay another $12 for them to be delivered again.
Can you deliver to a Hospital?
Yes we can, just as long as you provide us with the correct hospital name, the patient's name, room, and wing number.
If the patient is in ICU the flowers will be left at the nurses station to be delivered when the patient is out.
Can you tell me what happens if nobody is home to accept the flowers?
This applies to recipient living in a house, not apartment. What we do is leave the flowers in a very safe spot, visible, not in the sun.
General Website Information
I want to order flowers from your discount category - how do I redeem discount?

It’s super easy. Just copy and paste the discount code to the area below the product once you are in checkout page, our system will automatically take off the amount. You can enter this code the same way from our desktop or mobile websites.
I cannot see my order confirmation email - where I can find it?
First of all, it takes 10-15 minutes for it to arrive by email. Secondly, if you are waited more that that amount of time, check your SPAM email folder.
I am trying to push the payment icons but nothing is happening - what is wrong?
It’s likely that you have forgotten to add some details. Check the following; if you have a card message, you have a delivery date, you have all your and the recipient's details added. Then try again.
Do I need to set up an account?
No, there isn’t any need for that like some websites. Generally speaking, people wanting to order flowers want a seamless, one page checkout, that is fast.
What payments types can I pay with?
You can pay with with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal. Fees for paying with either of these types are explained when you go to pay, it’s usually less than $0.70.
Do you charge GST & Can I get a receipt?
Yes we do charge GST. You can get an invoice, just call us and we will email one to you. Generally though, you will get sent one when you order. Invoices for phone orders will need to be requested when you have ordered.
I was charged 2 times for one order?
This rarely ever happens and is usually caused by a slow internet connection, so you may have pusdhed the pay button twice. If this happens, please call us so that we can refund your 2nd payment.
How much is delivery?
It’s $12. To be honest, it’s more than that by the time we factor in labour, petrol, and wear and tear on our car, but we subsidise the rest.
Can I order more than one of the same item?
No, sorry, we didn’t build our system that way. If you did, please call us rather than ordering online.

I made an error when checking out, can I change something?
Totally, just call one of our friendly flower experts within 30 minutes of placing the order and we will edit the order details for you.
Can I ask a product question on Live Chat or over the phone?
Absolutely, we would be more than happy to help you any any way we can about what flowers to choose.
If you feel that something has not been covered on this page please feel free to give us a call to discuss it.

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