Your Privacy - Our Privacy Policy On Security

Your Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously and as such would like to talk a little bit about it here.

SSL Certificate

First of all let’s say that when you order with us you are ordering on a website with an up to date SSL security certificate. You should only shop online now with website that have these, typically the URL will have an HTTPS in front of it. The URL will also say something like SECURE and may have a little padlock on it. In a nutshell, SSL certificate are have been created to make your online shopping experience for flowers, and any other products far safer from intervention by hackers.

We’re no experts on SSL’s but our take on them is this. We could only get one if we proved full transparency into what we do, who we are, and we have to, to prove this to the provider.

No that is out of the way there are some other things we should share with you. Like – we don’t keep copies of your credit card details or any credit information, we never sell your details onto other parties, we only retain your details within the order you placed, we’re fully committed to protecting your personal information, like most website cookies are placed in your browser but are only ever used in the process of creating a better user experience, and ever for anything else.

As we said earlier we take your privacy extremely seriously it’s as much about protecting you and it is about protecting us. Our server is of the highest quality and protected by state of the art security systems that we pay a lot of money for, but it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind it gives us, and ultimately you.

Lastly, we’d like to point out that, from time to time, we may reach out to you by email. The email may be to check enquire about something about your order, or may be a marketing email information you about latest promotions, products, specials for occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. These are important to us and are generally informative and may include tips of making flowers last longer, and general news about the industry. It may be necessary to reach out to you by SMS also, like my email, it will usually be related to an existing flower order but, from time to time, may be related to flowers and marketing. In both instances, you will be given the opportunity to OPT out if you would prefer to no be in contact with us.

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